“Thanks for an amazing two years first and foremost with Gaz, but also with Mel for getting me ripped for summer! I will expect to see you both at my first bodybuilding contest next year! : ) and my before and after pic once again, to show the difference they have made thank you guys!”

Andrew Hacket

If you're concerned about wellbeing, getting fit and healthy or want to feel good, get a PT, best thing I ever did. You can never achieve the same results on your own. So enjoyable, thanks GM Fitness.”

David Jones

“Thought i would send a brief testimonial summing up my year with GM fitness The year was full of firsts for me, first year in competitive triathlons which was awesome, the strength training provided both by Mel and Gareth proved pivotal I was beginning to really see the benefits.

I was getting PB's in my running and swimming I completed some pretty big swims and runs, I then had to incorporate my cycling which to all who know me was pretty weak. I have been pretty lucky staying relatively injury free until my first long course weekend which resulted in me having to pull out as I hit a pot hole the week before the race. I took the advice of both trainers and built towards the main event in September with both physio and light training I was back on form

Race day was coming fast and I was feeling both nervous and excited but the support of GM fitness and my wife saw me fulfil an ambition I had just completed my first half iron distance triathlon.

Now I had to rest and prepare for the Cardiff half marathon which was 4 weeks away I did this but it was the toughest half I had ever done but another PB I then took some well earnt rest and now look forward to 2014 with new challenges and new experiences I am sure

Thanks Gareth and Mel and to all members of GM fitness. Without encouragement and advice I would not have achieved so much :)”

Joe Donovan

“Thank you Mel for helping me to lose 6 and a half stone :-) Would never give up now. I cant believe I enjoy exercise!”

Alana Pengelly

"I will be starting a 12 week intense training course with GM fitness to further lose about another 6 stone which would bring me to my ideal weight. They have helped me to incorporate exercise as part of my lifestyle not just as a fad, this also includes healthy eating"

Michelle Donovan

"Gareth and Mel of GM fitness are an amazing team. Being in my late 30s and deciding to go back to the gym was a daunting task and I was very apprehensive starting back up again after so long. I never thought I would say that I enjoy going to the gym but I do enjoy it now. Mel & Gareth make the PT sessions fun and they are helping me to build my fitness levels and get my confidence back. GM fitness have taught me a lot about changing my lifestyle in order to achieve my goals and have given me great tips for healthy eating. “Eat Clean and Train Hard” is what Mel has etched in my brain. Even when times are tough, Mel spurs me on with her positive attitude and encouraging words."

Lucy Haines

“Thanks to Mel & Gareth and all of the GM Fitness team for an excellent evening. I also wanted to say thanks for my award as 'Most Enthusiastic'! I have really made a massive change to how I live my life and I am much healthier & happier for it. ”

Rae Luxton

“I've been going to the GM Out Fit classes for about half a year now. They're hard work but the trainers keep you motivated and the other guys are great ...and I feel a lot better for having gone!”

Colin Whitbread

“After several years of neglect of my body I turned to GM Fitness to make me fit and strong again. I found their approach refreshing and fun. Even being as overweight and weak as I was I enjoyed every single session; pushing boundaries and challenging me constantly. From being that overweight and unfit and then training 4 times a week, I think it’s testimony to Gareth and Mel's skill that I never had any injuries during my first few months of training. I’ve used GM Fitness for the last 2 years and I can honestly say at Christmas 2012 I have never been as strong and as fit in my life. The GM outfit is a great outdoor class for all levels of fitness, adapting different exercises for your particular level of fitness. Although I’m now taking a break from the gym after the birth of my daughter I cannot wait to get back in the gym with Gareth and Mel!”

Michael Griffiths

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